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以色列以死海礦天然皂 - 適合敏感性及濕疹性皮膚

含豐富死海礦物質能改善修復皮膚, 有防敏感功效, 從而能改善敏感性及濕疹性皮膚, 配合天然植物精華.修復受損皮膚.

Dead Sea Psomedic Skin Soap  100gr

the extreme irritation of psoriasis, then look no further than this excellent Dead Sea soap. 

This is a natural hypo-allergic soap, which is packed with a variety of Dead Sea minerals, famous for their healing qualities the world over. 

These have an important impact on improving the health of your skin and when combined correctly, as they are in this hypo-allergic soap, they can substantially tackle the irritation of skin problems such as psoriasis.  Simply apply this unique formula daily for a period of 3-4 weeks and you will see an excellent improvement in your skin.  Not only does it provide real relief for psoriasis, but it is also an excellent treatment for other skin irritations, thanks to the entirely natural ingredients of this psoriasis soap.  Even if you simply suffer from dry skin, this product can do wonders for you.

Ingredients : show on the product package

DS 009S Dead Sea Psomedic Skin Soap以色列死海礦天然皂 - 適合敏感性及濕疹性皮膚

SKU: DS009s
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